In the „Revolution“ category, the iphi 2021 goes to SUPERRR Lab (Berlin, Germany), a laboratory and community working in the field of digitisation and technology that pushes forward visions and projects and challenges existing paradigms with the aim of creating a fairer future.

Jury statement: „The jury was thrilled with the overall visionary approach and the fact that gender sensitivity is firmly embedded in the lab, as well as with the stimulating design and communication with which SUPERRR raises and addresses feminist* perspectives on current technological developments and futures.

SUPERRR engages in projects ranging from the Feminist Tech Fellowship and the creation of collective discussion spaces such as ‚Virtual Screening Coded Bias‘ to fostering a community of female, trans and non-binary people in art, science, technology, activism and more.

In their own words, „Superrr is playful, visionary and feminist“. Therefore, the jury thinks SUPERRR is undoubtedly instrumental in promoting the intersection of culture, feminism and technology within the current discussion on digitization, gender and diversity.“