Hannah Witte receives the „Volition“ young talent award for her book Typohacks, which was written as part of her bachelor thesis at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and will be published by form Verlag later this year with the support of the editor-in-chief of form design magazine.

Jury statement: Typohacks, the handbook for gender-sensitive typography in the German language, unanimously impressed the jury because of its topicality. The work provides a comprehensive introduction to both the current methods of gendering and the discourse on anti-discriminatory language. Understanding the use of gender-sensitive language as a creative, typographical task is an important and new perspective for designers. The work addresses the topic holistically: in addition to practical examples, it deals with current questions about the power of language and the political responsibility of designers, thus providing impulses for design practice as well as for the current debate“.