The 2017 iGDA “Revolution” goes to the Image_Hack campaign by Mindshare Denmark.

Jury Statement:

Mindshare Denmark demonstrates in an exemplary way how an excellently designed and subversively executed concept can shake up outdated images of women. The agency teamed up with skin and hair care company Dove to break the stereotypical image of women portrayed in the media. Collaborating with advertising photographers, Mindshare Denmark produced images of strong, independent and genuine women in non-stereotypical situations and professions. These images were uploaded to Shutterstock and tagged in order to alter the search results, with the tagging also being designed in an empathically gendersensitive way. The jury considers this campaign particularly gender-sensitive and innovative, as it hacks the advertising industry from the inside. The action of legally infiltrating a very powerful and established infrastructure like Shutterstock provides a foundation for creating more gender-sensitive advertising.

Image Hack